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Part 1: Background of Facebook’s encryption features

A late article posted last year by Forbes, states that Facebook has become the last line of defense in the fight against government access to that same user data.

They are under increasing pressure to delay plans to expand encryption across its platforms until backdoors can be added to enable government agencies access to user content.

Facebook also owns WhatsApp, the world’s preeminent messaging platform, now used by some 1.6 billion users monthly. Back in 2016, WhatsApp completed its deployment of end-to-end encryption.

Rather than encrypt the traffic between users and WhatsApp, the platform assured users that with its end-to-end encryption “only the recipient and you have the keys needed to unlock and read your messages. There is no way to turn off the feature as well, and only users hold the keys, WhatsApp has no way access the content. What concerns does that imply?

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