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  • Queenie Siah

When concerns come to your mind when facial recognition is mentioned?

Facial recognition has been a useful tool for the government, and it can potentially benefit corporations as well in the future. As we know, marketers require users’ demographics to tailor products and services according to individual preference. Such as Facebook, it suggests friends that you can tag in photographs you uploaded.

Another known feature is Microsoft’s cognitive services ‘Face API’ that analyses photos and guess personal details of the subject.

What are the dangers then? Identity theft, loss in privacy are some huge concerns that are worrying individuals. So how do we protect ourselves from falling into these pit holes? Look out for some of these tell-tale signs and take action early!

1. Missing mail – Is your bank or credit card statement delayed for a noticeable period of time? That can be a sign of someone intercepting your mail to obtain your personal details.

2. Unrecognised items – An entry on bank statement that do not match

3. Duplicated benefit claims – Your applied rewards such as state benefits have already been claimed other someone else

4. Surprise delivery- Any unplanned goods and services delivered to your address can be a sign of someone using your information to pay for them and attempting to intercept.

If you discover any of these signs and suspect yourself to be a victim of identity theft, take action promptly. Contact the bank or terminate your cards online and proceed to reporting to the police.

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