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Is our privacy compromised with mobile game apps?

Mobile games, video games make up a huge portion of people’s entertainment choices. However, as we provide credentials to access the game, we are also giving consent to the company collecting and safeguarding them.

Lets look at Developer of popular mobile games, Zynga 📱

In September 2019, Zynga’s customer database was breached and more than 170 million customers accounts were leaked.

What were the key issues raised?

👎 Zynga failed to notified customers that their accounts were compromised, allowing their personal data including email address, facebook ID and more to be used in fraudulent activity.

👎A substantial portion of Zynga’s user base is made up of minors, which personal information is particularly attractive to identity thieves as minors do not check their credit reports as often.

👎 Zynga knew about its vulnerabilities as early as 2012, and still failed to implement adequate security measures

Two of their games were even trending that period of time, causing it to be one of the biggest breach of all time.

FeganScott, a national class-action law firm clarified that any form of data breach to a customer isn’t just about the threat of monetary loss- identity theft can take an emotional toll too. As for companies, beyond lawsuits and penalties imposed, reputation loss is a greater deal.

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