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How is AI beneficiary in tackling this pandemic?

Part 2: Singapore

Temperature screening

MOH's IT arm, Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS), and local medical tech KroniKare developed iThermo, which uses AI to spot febrile people in a crowd. The pros of it include a reduction in the need for manual checking and still be effective even when people put on surgical masks.

iThermo comprises a smartphone fitted with thermal and 3D laser cameras, is currently being piloted at the IHiS headquarters in Serangoon North and St Andrew's Community Hospital. Currently, iThermo is still in the trials process but has already received over 200 requests across various industries. To learn more about iThermo, visit KroniKare's official website at Contact tracing system

Singapore-based AI firm Sqreem Technologies created a real-time contact tracing and communication system which is now being used by the South Africa government

This software is also known as Channel Sqreem, which can track a person using their mobile device ID down to a five meter square grid. This is all done without the need for any personal information from the device owner.

Sqreem CEO and founder Ian Chapman-Banks, explains: "Once a person is found to have tested positive for Covid-19, all the health authorities need to do is to run the home and work addresses of the individual through Channel Sqreem."

The software then uses AI to automatically determine how many other people had risky contact with the infected over the previous 14 days, through their devices. Relevant agencies then proceed to send messages in the form of advertisements to the owner of the device on information on contacting local health authorities.

Currently, Channel Sqreem is only used in South Africa, which is said to have an accuracy of 90%. The company is still in talks with potential clients across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. For the full article, do visit

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