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How is AI beneficiary in tackling this pandemic?

Part 1: SINGAPORE - During this pandemic, health facilities such as local hospitals and technology companies are tapping AI (Artificial intelligence) in the fight against Covid-19. AI is also known as the study and use of intelligent machines to mimic human action and thought.

Bod MD app

A clinical chat assistant smartphone was developed by Singapore AI startup Bot MD, where health workers can keep updated with changing information around Covid-19. The use of AI allows the app to power its natural language interface and extract clinical information from large swathes of content from different data sources.

Bot MD was founded in 2018. Its app is currently used by 13,000 doctors in over 52 countries. MD CEO and founder Dorothea also mentioned that the app can be quickly trained in any clinical content and answer questions from medical staff, with information from legitimate sources.

The app can also be personalized, such as for NUH and TTSH, the AI is trained on hospital-specific content such as hospital protocols and on-call rosters.

TTSH’s new Command, Control and Communications system for healthcare Developed jointly by TTSH and MOH's IT arm, Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS), the system provides real-time visibility of the hospital's ground operations. It is used to predict situations before they occur, giving a better glimpse of how resources can be better allocated in the healthcare setting.

The purpose of the system is to helps healthcare workers go beyond hindsight to foresight. During this Covid-19 situation where there is an escalating number of patients, speed and foresight is essential.

Guided by the C3 system, TTSH was able to pull together the manpower, equipment and other supporting resources to open five wards at NCID and strengthen support at its screening centre.

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